who actually motivates you to do something…

Who actually motivates you to do something…

I never thought of writing. Basically, I never found it enticing. Earlier, I had a creepy believed that who can pen down your thought and write about any random things or maybe about their experiences. It sounds monotonous! But, gradually I discovered myself indulging into these “monotonous” writing stuff. In my college days, I started making slogans and participated in storytelling events and I got a great response. No, this is not the moment inspired me to become a writer. From that happenings, I realized that I have a good thought process (not the 39 types of process but yeah, I am good at Abductive Reasoning, Thought experiment and Abstraction).

So, one day I saw a little girl in a torn dress, untidy hair and barefoot asked me for a penny. I gave her 20 rupees and asked her to buy food, in between she abruptly said ” who will show love to me, everybody just offer me money and went back without asking me what I need, nobody pamper me or buy ice cream for me like that girl is getting” pointing finger towards a baby girl, whose mom and dad were pampering her.

I just stood numb and stared that barefoot girl. I knew the answer, but I don’t want to tell her that this is not your fault, it’s your destiny.

Well, I asked her to have food and went back.

That throbbing voice and an eloquent question didn’t allow me to sleep that night. I was feeling broken from inside but somehow I knew that I can’t help it. There are a plethora of orphan children around us and alone I can’t think of changing their life.

I took a notebook, started writing whatever I was thinking at that moment and after few struggling hour, I was done with my writing. Now I was sipping my coffee, as I conjecture for the first time I actually used my thought process in a good way, well that was a hard work.

So yeah, I hold that notebook and started reading what I have written. And what I realized, a few tiny drops were rolling out from my eyes, not because I wrote that awesome but the hidden truth was in front of my eyes and I was the one who revealed the truth. Yes, I write everything keeping in my mind that ‘barefoot girl’.


Eventually, I started writing and I love writing. Until now it’s not disclosed that “who actually motivates you to do something”

So the answer is it’s ‘you’ who can motivate yourself to do something. Yes, that girl and her “inexplicable question” played a vital role in motivation but it was me who couldn’t allow myself from not thinking that incident so deeply and I turned my thought into writing.

We all must have impetus or people who motivate, around us but how many of the people we genuinely listen? We only get motivated when we realized it from inside and the others play a role to make us evoke that you can do something and when you listen from inside then only you get motivated to do something and you do it!


That’s my true story that inspires me towards writing. Hope you all will like it. I know its tad boring for few but truth can’t be more of humorous.